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An electric field (sometimes E-field) is the physical field that surrounds electrically-charged particles and exerts force on all other charged particles in. Electric field, an electric property associated with each point in space when charge is present in any form. The magnitude and direction of the electric. Explore the electric field by holding your test charge in various locations. The test charge will be pushed or pulled by the surrounding charge. The force the. In many situations, there are multiple charges. The total electric field created by multiple charges is the vector sum of the individual fields created by each. A useful means of visually representing the vector nature of an electric field is through the use of electric field lines of force. A pattern of several. The electric field concept arose in an effort to explain action-at-a-distance forces. All charged objects create an electric field that extends outward into. The electric field of a point charge can be obtained from Coulomb's law: The electric field is radially outward from the point charge in all directions. The. The electric field is mainly classified into two types. They are the uniform electric field and the nonuniform electric field. 1. Uniform Electric Field. When. in all directions. The field exists at every physical point in space. To put it another way, the electric charge on an object alters the space around the. All movement is therefore relative. VOLTAGE AND POTENTIAL ENERGY A quantity that goes hand in hand with the electric field is voltage.

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